FACT: As a health professional, if you don’t continue to learn – you’ll find yourself hitting walls for some of your clients and not being able to heal them completely.

The health & wellness field is one that’s constantly evolving and changing, which means that in order to stay ahead of the curve and heal our clients in the fastest and most efficient (or healthiest) way possible, we have to be plugged in to the most current and cutting edge information out there.

But who has the time to do all that research? Who has the time and money to take every course out there? I know I don’t, and I bet you don’t either.

That’s why I’ve hand-picked the best cutting edge experts in their fields to bring their insights to you all in one place. It’s like an advanced health training with people who are literally the best in the world at what they do!

Whether you have an established practice, or are just starting out on your practitioner journey, continuing to immerse yourself in the most current and cutting edge information is critical. In fact, I think it’s a non-negotiable!

That’s why I’m excited to share with you the entire Becoming The Best Speaker Package!

This speaker series is valued at over $3500!

Our experts share priceless information with you,
and have included over $1300 in bonuses
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Here’s what’s included in the Becoming The Best Speaker Package:

  • Audio recordings of all 12 interviews/presentations (mp3)
  • Full transcripts of each interview (PDF)
  • A bonus interview (audio recording and transcript)
  • Over $1000 of bonus gifts from our speakers!

Who is this interview package for?

It’s for all health & wellness professionals, regardless of your modality:

  • Naturopaths
  • Physicians
  • Health Coaches
  • Nutritionists
  • Nurse Practitioners & RN’s
  • Fitness Professionals & Trainers
  • Midwives & Doulas
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Yoga Instructors
  • Massage Therapists



Within these interviews you’ll discover:

  • The power of fermented foods to heal digestive issues
  • The intersection of the science & art of functional nutrition
  • The importance of pelvic health and serving your female clients
  • How masterful coaching and confidence can transform your success with clients
  • How practitioner partnerships can boost your performance and lead to happier clients
  • The role of environmental toxins on increasing health & weight struggles
  • The relationship between hormones and chronic health issues
  • How understanding eating psychology can transform your practice
  • Natural and integrated hormone balancing
  • Why the traditional “coaching” model of giving advice doesn’t work
  • The truth about gluten sensitivity, allergies, and Celiac disease
  • How scientific research is finally recognizing the interconnection of body, mind, and spirit
  • How to customize your offering or support for pregnant and nursing women

And more…

This speaker series is valued at over $3500!

Our experts share priceless information with you,
and have included over $1300 in bonuses
that you can access right away.

–—> $3500 Buy now for $77! <—-



When you order the Becoming The Best speaker package, you’ll have access to over $1000 worth of bonus materials from our speakers:


Thank you Dr. Ritamarie!

Hormone families and Body Systems Relationships – LIVE video from her SHINE conference – January 2014

This is a 1 and a half hour segment from Ritamarie’s conference SHINE, a scientific and holistic investigation for nutritional endocrinology where Dr. Ritamarie goes into the details of the main hormone families that are at the foundation of restoring balance and vitality. Included are slides and video (value: $97)



Thank you Jessica!

Patient Ebook for Self-Healing of Pelvic or Sexual Pain

This ebook will provide the reader with nutrition and lifestyle tools to optimize pelvic and sexual health, and enhance her healing work with a pelvic health professional. Simple dietary changes and mind-body practices can significantly reduce pelvic pain, and enhance sexual health. (value: $35)



Thank you Dr. Tom!

Free Practitioner’s Webinar: Now that you know, where do you go at no charge

Dr. O’ Bryan has offered a special bonus to help you implement what you have learned about the necessity to test your clients, and implement diet and lifestyle changes that could make a huge impact on their health. You now have access to the webinar, “Now That You Know Where Do You Go?” Dr. O’ Bryan and Michelle Ross C.N., Director of Clinical Services at theDr.com, present lifestyle and diet strategies, testing that will help you make get to the root cause of your client’s symptoms, and how to move forward in an efficient way.(value: $97)



Thank you Summer!

Gut Ecology and Bio-terrain Intensive Training

Our collective understanding of the germ theory is evolving. You don’t just “catch a cold” by having a germ fly up your nose! What has a greater effect in whether or not you get sick is your internal environment, or ecology. Building the right ecology in the human body is essential to not getting sick and increasing vitality. Why do some people get sick and others do not? Learn the dirty details of probiotics and which herbs support digestive regeneration and healing. Discover how rebuilding is the perfect complement to cleansing. This class is a must for folks who suspect they may have Candida, sugar cravings, low energy, or a poor-functioning immune system. (value: $147)



Thank you Deanna!

Free Advanced Training Module

Sign up for the Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner Program and receive one FREE Advanced Module of your choice ($495 value!) to help you keep your certification up-to-date after your first year as a Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner (Advanced Modules are valuable learning opportunities available only to Certified Food & Spirit Practitioners and count toward your Continuing Education Units.)



Thank you Reed!

D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success Companion Guide

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® is a proven system which has helped thousands of previously unwell people to achieve abundant health. It’s not a cookie-cutter or one- size-fits-all approach to being healthy. Your body is unique and so are its needs.

At Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®, we use a step-by-step system that investigates the main pillars of health, identifies healing opportunities and then teaches, coaches, and guides you through behaviors that follow our unique D.R.E.S.S. For Health Success® program, a customized approach to addressing your health problems at the root cause.

We address five key areas, or pillars of health that are crucial to achieving and maintaining optimum health. These “pillars of health” are Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction, and Supplementation. There is no other program in existence that uses these scientifically based, holistically grounded, repeatedly proven principals in a manner that educates and empowers people to enjoy abundant health – naturally. (value: $79)



Thank you Jenny!

Step-By-Step Post Natal Exercise and Wellbeing Pre-Screening Tutorial

A 25 Page Pre-Screening Report plus the support of a great group of Ante/Post Natal Fitness Specialist, Physios, Midwives, Bodyworkers! (value: $147)



Thank you Andrea!

Loving the Liver with Confidence (How to Lead Your Cleanses with Clarity!)

In this Audio Session, founder of Holistic Nutrition Lab, Andrea Nakayama will take you behind-the-scenes into one of the Bonus Sessions offered to her professional audience of practitioners, detailing how the liver functions, why an understanding of the biggest detox organ matters for your cleanse and detox programs, and how to support your customers as they navigate those protocols. (value: $97)



Thank you Marc!

Breakthroughs in Eating Psychology Coaching

Eating Psychology Coaching is a whole new field that’s making a huge difference across the globe. It’s an inspired and results oriented approach that’s life changing for so many people, and a career enhancer for so many coaches. This is a free, 3 Part Video Series all about Eating Psychology Coaching. Marc David and Emily Rosen, Founder and Director of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating will share:

  • Personal stories of how the Institute’s unique body of work was formed
  • Some favorite and powerful core teachings from the Institute’s professional training
  • Compelling case studies and success stories
  • Insights into the future of eating psychology and nutrition
  • The 2 biggest challenges people face with food and health
  • 6 keys to being a successful practitioner

And lots more…

So if you simply want some great insights and tools, or if you’re interested in launching a great new career as an Eating Psychology Coach, or if you’re ready to augment your already existing professional practice with a cutting edge set of skills, we hope you tune in. (value: $97)



Thank you Ginger!

$5 off Ginger’s DVD, Ancient Yoga, New You or $35 off tuition to an onsite Medical Therapeutic Yoga training

Ancient Yoga, New You, using yoga as medicine, is designed, directed, and instructed by licensed physical therapist and veteran yoga educator Ginger Garner. Ancient Yoga, New You is one of the original DVD’s, and certainly one of the first done by a western medical practitioner which yokes western medicine and rehabilitation with yoga. (value: $35)




The 5 Things You Must Know
Before Recommending Supplements

Evelyne Lambrecht of Thorne Research and I got on the phone to talk about supplements – what every health professional needs to know when looking at nutritional supplements.

During this special bonus call, you’ll learn:

  • Why adding professional supplements into your practice can help you better support your clients and patients and help them achieve better results
  • What you must know about supplement manufacturing, quality control, purity, bio-availability, and delivery
  • Why your patients or clients still need supplements even if they’re eating well
  • Why your patients or clients shouldn’t get their supplements at big box stores like Costco, or CVS
  • How to incorporate supplements into your existing programs
  • The biggest mistakes practitioners make when recommending supplements, and how to avoid them


We all know that conventional approaches to wellness aren’t working so well. This is why we’re seeing skyrocketing rates of diseases – everything from autoimmune conditions, to weight struggles, to infertility, digestive disorders and behavioral problems. It’s a long and scary list.

What’s amazing, although not surprising, is that the approaches to wellness that are working and changing lives in droves are ones that are built on a holistic, integrated, and functional model. Whether it’s nutrition, or women’s health issues, emotional eating, digestive health, or autoimmune diseases – applying these principles are helping health professionals around the world redefine their work, and transform thousands of lives.

Sounds pretty great, huh?

As a health professional, I know that you’re dedicated to making a profound difference in the world. The more we know, the more advanced teachings and techniques we learn, the better we can serve our clients! 

What you’ll learn from our speakers will be information that you’ll want to put on your bookshelf and reference time and time again, and will directly improve your ability to serve and support your clients and patients.

LISTEN IN as I interview each speaker and pull out what they think are the most essential things health professionals should know!

This speaker series is valued at over $3500!

Our experts share priceless information with you,
and have included over $1300 in bonuses
that you can access right away.

–—> $3500 Buy now for $77! <—-


Each of our speakers has a unique perspective or lens through which they see advanced healing… something you’ll be able to walk away from this event with too!

Join me on the journey to Becoming The Best!


Here’s what you’ll learn from our speakers when you purchase the Becoming The Best Package:


Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

Nutritional Endocrinology: The Revolutionary New Key to Unlocking Even the Most Difficult Client Cases

If you want to solve difficult client cases, you need to know how to look at your clients’ symptoms in a new way. Dr. Ritamarie will share with you her revolutionary approach to client care, giving you the keys you need to solve problems and rejuvenate health.

Nutritional Endocrinology offers hormone balancing solutions that marry the best of cutting-edge science with the wisdom of targeted and effective natural healing protocols.

What Ritamarie will cover:

  • A whole new definition of what constitutes hormone imbalance (and it’s not just what you think
  • How to become acquainted with the intricate web of hormone relationships (with each other and with the other parts of the body) so you can get to the root cause of your clients’ concerns and create a plan to have them feeling better more quickly
  • How understanding the connection between hormones and persistent symptoms in the digestive tract, brain, and other seemingly unrelated areas can be used to reliably and consistently resolve issues for your clients
  • The relationship between nutrition and endocrine imbalances so you can effectively use food, herbs, and nutritional supplements to not only bring clients into balance but also help them achieve unprecedented vitality



Jessica Drummond, MPT, CCN, CHC

Best Practices for Treating Women’s Health Conditions from a Functional Nutrition Approach

Are you curious about specialization in nutrition and coaching specifically for women? In this interview, Jessica will present some specific strategies that you can use right away for your clients who are pregnant or nursing, having hormonal or period problems, and who want to quickly recover from athletic injuries in order to perform their sport at the highest level!

What Jessica will cover:

  • What essential questions you need to be asking all of your female clients & patients during your initial assessment that most practitioners skip
  • How to start developing a partnership with your client that allows for deeper and more comprehensive healing and support
  • How understanding hormonal cycles can help you support clients & patients in reaching their athletic goals faster
  • How to tweak or adjust any kind of diet program, or cleanse for pregnant or nursing women and for menopausal women



Dr. Tom O’Bryan

The Gluten Trilogy: Wheat Allergies, Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity Identifying, Differentiating and Establishing Accurate Treatment Protocols

Celiac Disease is one of the most common life-long disorders in both the US and Europe, and the gluten-free diet (GFD) is now a multi-billion dollar industry gaining in popularity with the general public. Justifiable questions are arising as to its real health benefits. In this call, Dr. Tom will break down why it is that for patients with celiac disease (CD), the GFD is an undeniable and essential medical nutrition therapy, as well as the only proven treatment that results in improvements in symtomatology and small bowel histology.

What Dr. Tom will cover:

  • Why most health professionals are looking at wheat allergy, Celiac disease, and gluten sensitivity symptoms incorrectly
  • The fundamental differences between wheat allergies, non-Celiac gluten sensitivity and Celiac disease
  • Why some people who test for gluten sensitivity get false negatives, and which is the best, and most comprehensive lab testing currently available
  • How to measure how effective your interventions have been, and why a gluten-free diet is only the first step towards healing



Summer Bock

Fermentation, Cleansing, and Gut Rebuilding: Three Tools to Increase Your Confidence & Client Success by Getting to the Root of the Problem

Modern research has shown that the health of the gut is connected to chronic disease – from diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, allergies, and even fat storage. When working with clients it is important to get off the diet fad rollercoaster and instead help them rebuild mineral and vitamin levels so their body can take charge and do what it does best, which is to heal. In this interview, Summer will share how each of these tools will lead to great results with your clients and help them on a long term healing plan. You will learn how to add more action-packed steps to your client sessions and have them get off their meds, send their friends to you, and help you develop confidence with your ability to create change in their lives.

What Summer will cover:

  • The differences between some fermented foods – which ones can heal and which ones can harm
  • What “power moves” are, and how to use them to get exceptional results with your clients
  • Why fermented foods are key to proper nutrient absorption



Dr. Deanna Minich

Living a Full-Spectrum Life: 7 Steps to Guiding Patients Towards Health and Vitality

Scientific research is now recognizing the interconnection of body, mind, and spirit, validating much of what “fringe” practitioners have been saying for centuries. We are in an era of “dismantling dogma” and “creating connection”! In this interview, Deanna will share some of the seamless ways, systems, and frameworks for integrating body, mind, and spirit in one’s clinical practice.

What Deanna will cover:

  • How 21st century science and research is validating ancient healing protocols, and why tapping into our intuition can help you become a better practitioner
  • How to shift your perspective on charging higher fees for your services, while still coming from a place of deep integrity
  • Why “being” instead of “doing” can dramatically shift your own energy, and the success of your patients
  • Why harnessing the “beginner’s mind” can help you better serve your patients



Reed Davis

The Top Lab Tests That Every Health Practitioner Should Be Using

Lab diagnostics are the future of holistic health care! In this call Reed Davis, the founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, will share how health practitioners can be better health detectives by identifying underlying root causes of client health complaints, and which lab tests provide the most complete picture.

What Reed will cover:

  • A unique system of investigation that addresses underlying root causes of all health complaints instead of chasing symptoms
  • The step-by-step method of assessment using the top lab test that every practitioner should be ordering
  • How to bridge the gap between functional and modern medicine to be the practitioner who stops the clients’ cycle of trial and error by giving them the real solutions that restore the body to balance



Jenny Burrell

6 Pillars of Modern Post Natal Fitness & Wellness Programming Questions

The world of Post Natal exercise has been transformed of the most recent years to encompass the full circle of what it means to be a modern mom today. Today, the emphasis isn’t simply on being a purveyor of exercise that will rid you of your baby weight. Instead there’s has been a welcomed movement towards the important addition of integrative nutrition coaching for the healing process, the provision of exercise programmes that get and keep a mom fit for the activities of her daily life, simple core restoration strategies and coaching of the modern mom to ease her into her new role and life phase. Jenny Burrell talks through the key pillars and principles of the education she shares with a global classroom of specialist professionals who serve this very special population.

What Jenny will cover:

  • How the role of the Fitness/Wellness professional serving the Post Natal woman has changed in most recent years.
  • Understanding the significance of each step and its role in completing the circle of care for the Post Natal client.
  • Future trends for those working in fitness and wellness with women
  • Top 5 strategies for creating a stand-out offering and a business that both you and your Post Natal clients will love



Andrea Nakayama

The Art & The Science of a Functional Nutrition Practice

In this interview with renowned functional nutritionist, Andrea Nakayama, you’ll discover how she skillfully navigates the most complex health cases to propel her clients’ healing capabilities and empowers other holistic health professionals to do the same — boosting their confidence and catapulting their practices. Andrea is on a mission to revolutionize the way we practice health care in a broken system and she’s committed to showing you how.

What Andrea will cover:

  • What is functional nutrition and how will it impact your very next client session
  • The secrets of how this approach will help you attract and keep more clients
  • Where science and art meet in the world of functional nutrition
  • How to increase your confidence in navigating the more complex health issues that are underlying your clients’ and patients’ chief complaints



Marc David

Turbo-Charge Your Practice with the Psychology of Eating & Mind Body Nutrition

Have you ever wondered what makes a successful coach truly successful? Have you ever wanted to peek behind the curtain and see the real and honest stuff that makes for a great coach who truly delivers? Get ready to learn some powerful secrets from the founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating! Whether you’re a health coach, life coach, success coach or any kind of helping professional, you’ll hear some straight shooting talk that’s designed to bust through the hype and help you be the best coach you can be.

What Marc will cover:

  • 3 common mistakes that coaches make
  • 2 messages that every client should hear from their coach
  • The most important challenge that every health coach must overcome
  • How Eating Psychology can transform your professional practice
  • The important breakthrough approach of mind body nutrition



Ginger Garner

Trailblazing Creativity in Rehab: Using Yoga in Medicine

Not all health practitioners work with clients and patients around physical fitness, but for those who do, integrating yoga into your clinical practice is an opportunity to re-define their work, and better support their clients. If you’re curious about the benefits of introducing integrative practices like yoga, into your clinical practice, you won’t want to miss this call! Ginger will share her best tips for incorporating yoga into your clinical practice.

What Ginger will cover:

  • Important elements of an integrated assessment that are missed in the biomedical model
  • The essential elements for facilitating change in your patients and your own practice
  • Why an understanding of the yogic model of assessment can improve patient outcomes and transform your health
  • Considerations for making a paradigm shift toward a yogic model of practice



Carey Peters

The Real Secrets Behind Masterful Coaching & Creating Lasting Change So You Can Feel Confident, Get Great Results, and Charge Higher Fees

Carey will take you on sneak peak into Holistic MBA’s secrets to becoming a masterful coach, so you can feel confident charging higher fees and delivering amazing results for your clients in every session. You will also discover how transformation happens for yourself, for your clients and for your business.

What Carey will cover:

  • Why the typical coaching model of giving “advice” doesn’t work… and what to do instead if you want your clients to get results
  • Why your clients (and maybe even you) experience the same ruts over and over again and how to break that cycle for good (this is the secret that takes you from “decent” coach to holy sh*t coach)
  • How HMBA graduates have used their transformational coaching skills to successfully charge higher fees in their coaching practices
  • How becoming a masterful coach creates a steady stream of clients without drowning in marketing minutia (when you’re confident creating lasting change you’ll attract clients who will happily pay, regardless of how crappy your website is!)



Lara Adler

Chemicals Not Calories: How Toxins Are Making & Keeping Us Fat

The overweight and obesity epidemic is one that all health professionals encounter, regardless of modality. Whether your client is trying to regulate their thyroid, deal with allergies or digestive issues, or reduce chronic inflammation, weight issues are nearly always present in some form. New research is pointing to chemicals exposures in our daily lives – from personal care products, cleaning products, plastics, food packaging, and other items around the home – as a contributing factor to increasing rates of weigh gain, resistant weight-loss, insulin resistance, diabetes, and obesity.

In this presentation you’ll learn how environmental chemicals might be impacting your clients ability to lose weight, where exposures might be happening, and how to support them in reducing those exposures when possible. As more and more press is given to environmental toxins, it’s critical that health professionals get up to speed. Understanding this less discussed side of the weight/health conversation will allow you to expand on your definition of “detoxing”, more comprehensively support your client base, and differentiate your work in the marketplace!

What Lara will cover:

  • How common, everyday products can release chemicals linked to weight gain
  • What “obesogens” are, and how they impact body fat, metabolism, and weight gain
  • Why very low levels of exposure to chemicals can still have a dramatic impact
  • The biggest mistakes around weight loss & detoxing that can actually trigger weight gain
  • How understanding & incorporating work around environmental toxins can re-define your practice, and make you stand out in your field


Hey! Thanks for being here! I’m Lara Adler – an Environmental Toxins Expert, Health Coach, and super-nerd who’s committed to making the world a healthier place through the work of smart and progressive health professionals around the world. I’ve worked with thousands of practitioners to elevate their understanding of chemicals impact on human health, and what proactive steps individuals can take to protect themselves. Through this work, I’ve realized that a) health professionals of all modalities need to adopt a fully holistic and comprehensive approach in order to effect powerful change for their clients & patients and b) that the most successful people are ones who never stop learning!

I created this interview series to help catapult a whole new generation of health professionals into becoming the best they can by learning from leading experts in various functional, integrated, and holistic fields. I’m so glad you’re here!

You can learn more about my work at laraadler.com.

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Our experts share priceless information with you,
and have included over $1300 in bonuses
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